Cinnamon Sedge Slippers AD-02

Dép Chiếu Quế AD-02
Dép Chiếu Quế AD-02
Dép Chiếu Quế AD-02
Dép Chiếu Quế AD-02
Dép Chiếu Quế AD-02
Dép Chiếu Quế AD-02
Dép Chiếu Quế AD-02
Dép Chiếu Quế AD-02
Dép Chiếu Quế AD-02


Cinnamon slippers
SKU: AD-02
35 - 45

With burlap material and mossy green binding will bring you manly, modern and characteristic.

Benefit of Step Up’s Cinnamon Sedge Slipper:
1. Restrict Sweaty Feet
2. Keeping Feet Clean, Cool and Smell Good
3. Massaging Pressure Points in the Sole of the Feet and Avoiding Numbness and Aches
4. Healing Cracked and Callused Heels
5. Keeping Feet Warm in Cold Regions or During Seasonal Changeover
6. Balance of the Body Temperature
7. A meaningful gifts for everyone

Step Up's contact and export information

STEP UP CORP. is specialized in cinnamon sedge slipper, sedge slipper, office slipper, cinnamon insoles, hotel slipper/ disposable slipper for spa and resort. Our MiSTEP branded products have been exclusively protected in Vietnam and have been trusted by millions of Vietnamese and foreign customers around the world. The product has been trusted and conquered completely by high quality, beautiful design, firm soles.

Step Up products are always chosen to participate in international trade promotion programs in many countries. With desire to create high quality, prestigious and branded products; We have constantly improved our products and designs to meet customers's demand.

Step Up's products have been exported to USA, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain & Oman and are trusted by customers for its benefits.

We commit:

  • High product quality. Products the same as photo.
  • Free return if not satisfied.
  • Compensate 3 times the value of the product if the product is defective.
  • Fast delivery in Vietnam
  • Free Consulting 24/ 7
  • Receive gifts or special promotions when making a purchase. Only the first 20 customers/ per day will receive special offers when buying from the website.

Our cinnamon sedge slippers can be used indoor and outdoor. It could be washed. However, due to sedge is natural material, kindly not washing too many times to keep the sedge mat fresh for long time.


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Thailand customer and cinnamon sedge slippers


STEP UP Cinnamon Sedge Slippers in the Consumer Goods Fair 2016 in District 2

Step Up Corp. takes part in Business Networking Acitivies

Ms. Thanh Thuy (Director of Step Up) and Mr. Dilip Nair sign Exclusive distributor agreement

Final preparation of US export orders

Step Up Cinnamon Sedge Slippers exported to Dubai



Company Information

  No. 8, Road 4, Ly Phuc Man, Binh Thuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

  +84 981 184 880