Winter is coming. Winter - the season of thick coats and jackets, the seasons of the young couple's hands in hands walking on the street, the season of the cold wind, blowing flying warm scarf and long hair of the girls. Winter is also a season that makes our body susceptible to sore throats, allergies, flu, numbness, painful bones, joints, limbs. One of the diseases that most of us have been easy to get stiffness or aches and pains in the winter. The main reason is that we do not know how to take care of the body, some daily habits such as drinking cold water, washing hands in cold water, walking barefoot on the floor will lead to diseases which you never wish.

How to prevent winter diseases?

  1. Remember to keep your body enough warm when going out in the cold season.
  2. Limit drinking cold water and wash your hands in cold water during this time.
  3. Regularly soak your feet in hot water to keep feet warm.
  4. Regularly doing exercise to warm your body and help the muscles to create elasticity for the whole body. This habit will help the body not numb, aches, flexibility and energy to work all day.
  5. In addition, don't forget to wear winter slipper at home or in the office. Don't bare your feet on the floor because the cold brick floor is not be good for your body. By wearing winter slippers also prevent your feet from sharp objects on the floor, or damp floors and dirt.


You may choose cinnamon slipper to keep your body warm and well-protected.

Why are Step Up’s cinnamon slippers good for health in the winter?

  • Because it is natural, healthy and eco-friendly material. You know that cinnamon powder is known as the medicine in medicine because it has many uses such as: Reduce headache, improve brain circulation, increase blood circulation, anti blood clotting, blood clotting Cholesterol, pain relief from arthritis, wound healing etc.
  • With cinnamon sedge slippers, the cinnamon powder under the sedge is used to absorb moisture, antibacterial, prevent sweat of feet which keep your feet dry throughout the day. Cinnamon keeps body warm, balancing body heat, help keep warm your feet in seasonal changeover or cold regions. Its fragrance helps reduce daily stress, weariness.
  • Each fibre of sedge will massage the sole of feet, help your feet not cracked and calloused heels. This will help the heel become rosy, fresh and dead cells are removed.
  • Straps of slippers are made of soft cotton, silk, jean fabrics, which bring comfort & non-painful instep. With these straps, instep won’t rub by coarse plastic or leather straps which could hurt the sensitive skin.
  • The soles of STEP UP’s Slippers are soft and light. Wavy design make slippers cling to floor and not slippery.

Hope the article will help you choose the best decision for your feet with Step Up.

Pham Le Thanh Thuy

Founder & CEO of STEP UP CORP.

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