You have a lot of friends, business partners are foreigners. You wonder how to choose the meaning gifts which create friendship and partnership as well as affirming sustainable engagement, co-operation and sincerity.

For foreigners, the value gift is not material. They show the sincerity, enthusiasm and friendship that you would like to build up. It's not too difficult to choose meaningful gifts which made in Vietnam. You can go to souvenir shops to buy "Non La", "Ao Dai" or pictures of Vietnamese countryside. A gift brings made in Vietnam and good quality are the most valuable for our guests. Step Up's Cinnamon sedge slippers are the most suitable product for your reference.

Do you know why do cinnamon sedge slippers bring national identity?

Because it is made from two natural ingredients are cinnamon and sedges, which are typical trees in Vietnam. Sedge is a kind of tree in the traditional villages at Nga Son Thanh Hoa, Thai Binh, Long An, Ca Mau, etc. Cinnamon is planted in many rural areas of Vietnam such as Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang, Thanh Hoa and most in Quang Nam and so on.

Natural ingredients combine with cotton, brocade, jean, Eva sole, premium glue create a typical Vietnamese traditional finished product - cinnamon sedge slippers.

Why are cinnamon slippers good for health?

  • Because it is natural, healthy and eco-friendly material. You know that cinnamon powder is known as the medicine in medicine because it has many uses such as: Reduce headache, improve brain circulation, increase blood circulation, anti blood clotting, blood clotting Cholesterol, pain relief from arthritis, wound healing etc.
  • With cinnamon sedge slippers, the cinnamon powder under the sedge is used to absorb moisture, antibacterial, prevent sweat of feet which keep your feet dry throughout the day. Cinnamon keeps body warm, balancing body heat, help keep warm your feet in seasonal changeover or cold regions. Its fragrance helps reduce daily stress, weariness.
  • Each fibre of sedge will massage the sole of feet, help your feet not cracked and calloused heels. This will help the heel become rosy, fresh and dead cells are removed.
  • Straps of slippers are made of soft cotton, silk, jean fabrics, which bring comfort & non-painful instep. With these straps, instep won’t rub by coarse plastic or leather straps which could hurt the sensitive skin.
  • The soles of STEP UP’s Slippers are soft and light. Wavy design make slippers cling to floor and not slippery.

Hope the article will help you choose a meaningful gift to your friends, foreign partners. From now, it is not too difficult for you to choose presents to foreigners anymore.

Pham Le Thanh Thuy

Founder & CEO of STEP UP CORP.

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