The difference between Sedge Slippers and Cinnamon Sedge Slippers

Today, slippers are an integral part of our life. Everyone needs to choose a few slippers to use indoor, outdoor, go to work and school. On the market, there are many varieties of slippers. Sedge slippers and cinnamon sedge slippers is one of them. Do you wonder why cost of sedge slippers and cinnamon sedge slippers are different?

We would like to explain you more about the difference between sedge slippers and cinnamon sedge slippers.

Sedge slippers:

•           Sedge slippers are products from nature and straps are made by burlap, cotton, sedge.

•           Sedge slippers keep your feet cool and clean, help relaxed by each sedge massage pressure points in the sole of the feet.


Cinnamon sedge slippers:

  • Cinnamon sedge slippers are also made by sedge. Each sedge massages pressure points in the sole of the feet and helps avoiding numbness and aches.
  • In addition, cinnamon sedge slippers also help your feet become soft, beautiful and blushed. Dead cells under the heel will be removed by fibre of sedge and regenerate new skin, nice heel.
  • Eva soles are soft and light. Wavy design make slippers cling to floor and not slippery. Moreover, cinnamon sedge slippers are resistant to body weight and time to use depending on storage conditions
  • Straps of slippers are made of soft cotton, silk, jean fabrics, which bring comfort & non painful instep. Furthermore, the soft fabric string provides comfortable feel toes.
  • Unlike ordinary sedge slippers, slippers have cinnamon below the sedge called cinnamon sedge slippers. With 100% ingredients from Cinnamon, it will be hygroscopic, antibacterial, prevent sweating feet effectively. In addition, their heat-maintaining feature of cinnamon helps keep body temperature in balance and keep feet warm during seasonal changeover or in cold regions.


•           Moreover, good smell of cinnamon helps relax, release stress and also improve brain memory, quality of sleep.

It says “You get what you pay for”. With many special benefits of cinnamon sedge slippers, we believe you have the right choice for your shopping.

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