In winter, you are very susceptible to diseases such as colds, sore throat, joint pain, hypothermia, frostbite, dry skin and etc…. In there, the main reason is due to the weather changes suddenly makes body unbalance and it is the cause of such situations.

Is there any way that can help you adapt to the cold weather, especially your feet?

To adapt to the cold winter weather, we have to protect ourselves with some protection methods such as clothes, food, shoes, jackets to keep warm through the cold winter.

1.You should keep your room warm by closing the door carefully to prevent the wind. Besides, you should keep the room temperature at the average, not overheat or too cold because it will make you feel colder once step outside.

2. Cover your body warm enough once going out. You must be fully covered with warm clothes, socks, gloves, scarves, woolen hats, and so on... to make sure you do not get cold because of the cold weather in winter.

3.The diet must be reasonable. You should eat foods which have the ability to warm the body, limit drinking cold water so that we are not getting respiratory diseases such as cough, sore throat, and so on.

4.In winter, the weather is usually dry making our bodies more prone to stiffness, aches. Especially the fingers, toes, hands, and feet are cold and they are positions most frostbite. When frostbite, the skin and subcutaneous tissue vulnerable, some severe cases can cause necrosis. To overcome these, we usually do exercises so that our body sweat and heat and they will balance our body temperature.

5. Please pay attention to put your hands and feet in warm water, are not exposed to barefoot on the cold floor.

6.In order to protect the feet and body do not get cold, you should choose yourselves a cinnamon slippers. When you keep your feet warm, your body will be warmed well and vice versa. Especially in weak people as older people, sick people, woman after childbirth, children that are the most vulnerable and affected.

What is the effect of cinnamon slippers to protect the body in the winter?

1. The essences of cinnamon are antibacterial, hygroscopic and make your feet clean, limiting mold infections.

2. The cinnamon properties cinnamon keep the balance of body’s temperature and keep the soles warm.

3. The fragrance of cinnamon will dispel anxiety and stress and make you happy and relaxed whole day.

4. Sedge fibers of Cinnamon Slippers massage “point acupuncture” at soles to help in the circulation of the blood and prevent your feet from pains, cracked heels and calloused heels in the cold and dry weather.

5. The straps of slippers are made of soft cotton, silk, jean fabrics, which bring comfortability & non-painful instep. Moreover, material flops with soft elastic fabric provide a feeling of comfort, comfort to the toes in cold winter.

6. The cold weather makes older people, woman after childbirth, moving and standing becomes difficult so light and soft slippers are like cinnamon slippers with high friction help to gently move away from being slippery.

Hoping the share from the article will help you and your loved ones experienced a warm winter and avoid the worst effects of the environment.

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