Cinnamon sedge slippers – Vietnamese traditional quintessence

Vietnam is a country with a long tradition in agriculture sector. “Chieu” or “coi” is also one of the products associated with famers in Northern and Southern particularly Thanh Hoa, Thai Binh, An Giang. Here, you will enjoy the cool green of the fields with villages.

Seagrass is from harvesting. They must be green and shiny. After we strip the small fibers then dry, these sedges will be white, sleek, tough and durable. Surface must be made from the new, small and strong fibers.

In addition, the most important ingredient of the cinnamon slippers is the powder. It must be 100% quality and no impurities. Amount of cinnamon should be enough for customers’ health without heating, being allergic to the body. Cinnamon powder has a good effect for your body such as: keep the heat of body balance, bring refreshing and pleasant feeling.

Cinnamon seagrass slippers is the Vietnamese traditional essential product, because the main raw materials are used from the natural products. If you are wearing a pair of slippers, you will not only help Vietnamese farmers keep the beauty tradition but also contribute to protect nature as these ingredients are biodegradable. This is a product to protect for ourselves and our family.

Pham Le Thanh Thuy

Founder & CEO of STEP UP Corp.

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