Cinnamon Sedge Slippers – Practical Gifts


When thinking about gifts for acquaintances on a particular occasion, what gifts do you often think of? There must be perfume, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, chocolate or taking them to go out for eating, etc. We have a lot of presents and how to give someone a meaningful one on their special day or even no occasion at all. Simply because you are interest in them.

As you love someone, we always wish our beloved have a good health, take care of their wellness. HEALTH is the most PRECIOUS asset of each person, but we do not consider to it a lot because our other concerns. Everyone knows that health is the most important. You are healthy and you have all things what you want. However, are you really concerned about your health and your loved one?

Let’s look at from our head to feet, we have concerned how our body, especially the feet.

Soles of our feet have many nerves that transmit signals from feet to the brain. Acupoints and nerves are associated and effect on parts of our body such as lungs, livers, bile, heart, spleen and intestines, etc. they creates the reflected connection for the feet.

So, I want to list generally the importance of protecting for our feet. Because they are friends that TRANSPORT our weight of body every day. Feet are the lowest position of our body. Remember to take care of them because when you keep your feet strong, you will have a good health to lift the all body.

Every day, we need have our feet in any move from walking, jumping, doing exercise, etc. whatever you want to do during the day, you have to move to perform. Your success that you have achieved is partly the contributions of feet. Is it so unfair that we think our success does not have the presence of the feet?

Therefore, if you really love someone, want to take care of him/ her or simply give his/her a meaningful and practical gift, you should buy a present that your lover can use in daily life. It is very useless to give the one which is displayed in a cupboard or is not used regularly. There’s nothing like giving the nice and good gift that he or she use it very day. I fancy sharing you a little secret: Give him or her a pair of CINNAMON SEDGE SLIPPERS.

Slipper is the cheap, beautiful, fashionable and durable product. It is the most important that it help your step stronger and lighter. You can give someone more expensive presents but they maybe are not practical for him or her. You can buy for your grand-mom, mother, sisters, lover, madam or colleagues, etc. they are wonderful women or are also brothers, co-workers or your boss in social relationships. They will bring your gift for women who are at home or in the workplace. Unknowingly you have received a good reaction from your boss and his/her loved one. It’s so great, isn’t it!

Giving a pair of STEP UP’S Cinnamon slippers shows your true interest to receivers by its practical value. This means that how you think of him or her a lot! A present is not simply itself gift. It also shows and hide both your innermost feelings and thoughts for him or her. You wish your beloved healthy and happy. Receivers will be very happy when they that you are taking care of them so much!

A pair of cinnamon slippers is given someone that shows your ATTENTION, UNDERSTANDING AND SUBTLETY to loved ones.

How much is your word and action enough, BUT just a loving product is given as well as helps you say lots of loving words.

Wish you happy and energetic!

Pham Le Thanh Thuy

Founder & CEO of STEP UP Corp.

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