Cinnamon sedge slippers – the new fashion trend

A thousand years ago, human ancestors had known to protect our feet with pieces of bark and tied by stable ropes. This helps to protect our feet in movement and existence. Over the years, the human mind has grown. People has known how to use better materials, more durable to protect our feet more.

Not stopping here, beautifying feet makes manufacturers think new methods, new style to serve their customers more.

If people just want a pair of durable slippers to travel in the past, they now only spend money for nice slippers in order that suitable for posture, clothes and where to go. Do you think such that is enough for slippers?

A classic vintage style, bohimien always make twenty year-old females amazed. Especially, STEP UP’S cinnamon slippers make a difference when you picnic, go to beach and travel away.

Are you ready for walk with STEP UP’S cinnamon slippers? LET’S GO!

Pham Le Thanh Thuy

Founder & CEO of STEP UP Corp.

Each day, Each step


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