As you know, it's very easy for us to pay something expensive because we love to own it. In contrast, if ones are not suit our needs, we will not consider more.

I would share reasons you should not wear Cinnamon Seagrass Slippers

1.         If you do not care for your health, you should not use slippers. Because slippers will help you IMPROVE YOUR PHYSICAL and HEALTH, bring you strong, comfort and more joyful. When you have good health, you are happier and more successful.

2.         If you are not cracked heels and your heels are always soft, you should not wear slippers. Because it help to improve your heels soft. The skins under the heels will be massaged and removed dead cells for a long time that cause rough. Although your heels are not cracked, slippers help heels became rosy and healthier. You won't feel unconfident because of your cracked heels.



3.         If you do not have arthritis, you should not use these slippers. Because it will help you massage, soothe acupoints of soles. The nerves are connected to reflective organs will be heal and operate smoother. Thus, Cinnamon seagrass slippers help to prevent arthritis on feet.

4.         If you are working in an environment where the floor is very clean without insects and bacteria, you should not wear cinnamon slippers. Although the floor is frequently swept and cleaned, dirty, insects and thousands of bacteria are sheltered under the floor. I still do not mention the areas which have the dangerous objects around like broken glasses, stones, bricks, woods, etc. the bare feet will easily be scratched and bleeding by them.

5.         If there are no children in your home, you also should not wear slippers. Because children often play and easily drop food or things, your house is always messy, sloppy, dirty. Thus, your feet directly touch with untidy floor that makes you uncomfortable, frustrated and messy. Slippers help your feet clean and fresh. You should not buy slippers as you are single and your house clean and tidy.

6.         If your feet are not hypersensitivity to floor cleaner, detergent powder, you should not buy cinnamon sedge slippers. Because they are strong washing liquid to remove stains. Components inside are very strong chemicals make your feet rough for a long time then leads to cracked. So if your feet are not difficult to these product, you should not wear slippers as it protect your feet from chemicals that is not good for your skin.

7.         If you are not keen on the beauty, you do not buy slippers because product is just for people who love the beauty. the NEW TREND AND STYLISH. Because when you wear slippers to go out, travel in the country or abroad, you will be asked "Where did you buy these cinnamon slippers?" "Slippers are very nice". What the light and comfortable slippers!" If you are afraid to receive praise and not interested in the beauty, you should not buy cinnamon seagrass slippers.


8.         If you do not would like to contribute to protect, preserve the traditional products from the traditional village, you should not buy these cinnamon sedge slippers. Because the main raw materials are made very detailed, meticulous from cloth and weaving sedge and cinnamon villages. The product creates a demand for this villages and contributes to improve the lives of famers stable.

9.         If you are a person who do not love the motherland and nation, you should not wear slippers. The reason is when you wear them in another country, you have introduced a beautiful, fashionable and healthcare product to the international friends. You are introducing the special and traditional VIETNAMESE PRODUCT to foreigners - the cinnamon sedge slippers of Vietnam. You have contributed to the development of our nation to friends around the world without language, but it is just through a quality product and the value of its health and environment benefits

I listed reasons you should not wear cinnamon sedge slippers. Hopefully, you will have wise decision to protect your health and value benefits that the product brings you.

Wish you peaceful and energetic.

Pham Le Thanh Thuy

Founder & CEO of STEP UP Corp.

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