STEP UP’S TRADE PROMOTION ACTIVITIES in Ho Chi Minh City Expo 2016 IN YANGON, MYANMAR from April 01 – 04/ 2016

In early April,Step Up Co., Ltd. and many Vietnam companies had attended Ho Chi Minh City Expo 2016 at Tatmandaw, Yangon from April 01 – 04, 2016 which Official of Business Centre Investment and Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) was the organizer. Along with hundreds of Vietnam enterprises engaged in promotion programs to explore investment opportunities in the Buddhist country; Step Up Co. has chance to work with Mr. Niang Niang - Mynamar Ministry of Commerce (MOC), Dr. Mrs. Marlar Myo Nyunt - Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA), Mr. Sein Htwe – Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce (UMFCCI), Mr. Pham Thanh Dung - Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar, Mr. Pham Thiet Hoa – Director of ITPC regarding challenging and opportunities in Myanmar.

Chị Thanh Thùy & Bà Tiến sĩ Marlar Myo Nyunt – Cục Đầu tư & Quản lý DN Myanmar (DICA)

Ms. Thanh Thuy & Dr. Mrs. Marlar Myo Nyunt - Directorate of DICA

We also have a chance to work with Mrs. Vo Ngoc Diep – Counselor of Commerce of Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar and got many encourages to export cinnamon sedge slippers and look for distributors to distribute our products in Myanmar market. She talks and share that Myanmar people love to use Vietnamese products and this is an advantage and good feedback for Vietnam companies, especially for our company. Myanmar people doesn’t like Chinese products and they prefer to use Vietnamese products than Thai products since they have conflict border between Thailand and Myanmar in history.

Chị Thanh Thùy - GĐ công ty cổ phần Step Up & Chị Võ Thị Ngọc Diệp - Tham tán Lãnh sứ quán VN tại Myanmar

Ms. Thanh Thuy - Director of Step Up Co. & Mrs. Vo Ngoc Diep – Counselor of Commerce of Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar

When we came to this fairs and doing market research, we realized we have big potential market for the cinnamon slippers in Myanmar. There are nearly 90% people wearing slippers indoor and outdoor and they prefer to wear slipper/ sandals every where in the country. Moreover, cinnamon sedge slippers are good for health and environmentally friendly – this is the new trend of society. People are generally changing to choose nice and good quality products, safe, good for their health and their families.

Step Up Co. is trying to look for distributor in this Buddhist country to distribute our cinnamon slippers in near future. We commit to provide the best quality to Myanamar and for Myanmar people.

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