Step Up Corp. takes part in Business Networking activities with foreign business associations in Vietnam

Vietnam Economy is integrating into the globalization and expansion of trade exchanges with other countries and international organizations. Since Vietnam officially opened the market, there are a lot of foreign investors established representative offices, companies and look for reliable associates/ partners/ distributors/ agencies in Vietnam.

Do not miss the opportunities to connect, communicate, develop and introduce products, Step Up Corp. regularly participate in trade promotion activities in the domestic and abroad such as Trade Expo held in April 2016 by ITPC, Vietnam Fair at Central World, Bangkok, Thailand in August 2016, the Fair Trade Expo 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia in October 2016. Morever, Step Up became a member of Alibaba Gold Supplier in November 2016.

Chị Thanh Thùy Giám Đốc Doanh Nghiệp Step Up chụp hình lưu niệm với Phó tổng lãnh sự quán Ý tại Việt Nam

Ms. Thanh Thuy - Director of Step Up and  Vice Consul Ceneral Italian Consulate in Vietnam

In the domestic market, Ms. Thanh Thuy - Director of Step Up Corp. also regularly participate in business networking activities with foreign business associations in Vietnam such as BBGV (British Business Association), CanCham (Canadian Chamber - Business Association of Canada), Auscham (Australian Chamber - Business Association of Australia), etc... and other international businesses associations working in Vietnam.


Chị Thanh Thùy Giám Đốc Doanh Nghiệp Step Up đã có cuộc gặp gỡ với Tổng Giám Đốc tập đoàn khách sạn Caravelle

Ms. Thanh Thuy - Director of Step Up and CEO of Caravelle Hotel Co.

Ms. Thanh Thuy efforts to introduce and develop products and so Vietnam Cinnamon Slipper with  MiSTEP brand have known and preferred in the country and abroad. With desire to become a cinnamon slipper exporting company; Step Up will participate in more bussiness networking activities that we are able to connect with many domestic and foreign enterprises in the near future. Through these activities, we would like to get more experience as well as and introducing our cinnamon slippers to the international market.

We believe with our mission, vision and commitment in the business, our products  will be distributed and widely expanded to world wide in the near future.

Pham Le Thanh Thuy

Founder & CEO of STEP UP CORP.

Each day, Each step


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