Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai order Cinnamon Sedge Slippers for the boutique souvenir

Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai is a 5 star luxury resort with excellent service and quality. In addition to the high-end service for holiday, it's not too hard for us to detect this boutiques with Vietnamese traditional items with nice designs, high quality and branded. Four Seasons Da Nang has continued to order Cinnamon Sedge Slipper MiSTEP to serve customers in the resort.

Cinnamon Sedge Slipper MiSTEP is a high quality sandal product which is popular with consumers not only for its quality but also for design, model and product benefits throughout the years. Our products have been exported to America and Dubai and have conquered millions of customers around the world.

The products of Step Up company not only focus on product quality, beautiful design but also a meaningful and practical traditional products for friends, relatives and foreign partners. MiSTEP cinnamon slippers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, travel due to solid soles and premium designs.

We believe in the desire to create quality, branded products and bring value to our customers; MiSTEP cinnamon sedge slipper will be traditional Vietnamese products are popular in the world consumers in the near future.

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