Step Up provides office slippers for NetNam Corporation
Step Up provides office slippers for NetNam Corporation
Office slippers are made from environmentally friendly sedges that help keep your feet more comfortable while traveling in your office as well as in the company. Female employees will reduce the pain in their feet when wearing high heels. Meanwhile, male staff will be more comfortable wearing open-toed sandals rather than the all-day European-style shoes . In early April, Step Up was honored to be the supplier of office slippers to employees of Netnam Corporation. Slippers with the logo Netnam will contribute to express the concern and respect of the company leaders to their staffs, while improving the image of the company to partners, customers. Office slippers with logo Netnam designed by Step Up Over the past two years, Step Up has unceasingly attempted to build the brand name MiSTEP with cinnamon slippers. Because we always want to create high quality products and best service. Step Up also sincerely thank our partners and customers for the companionship. For any inquiries,...
STEP UP provides cinnamon slippers for NALOD in Da Nang
STEP UP provides cinnamon slippers for NALOD in Da Nang
Step Up is proud of the most reliable supplier for most of hotel/ resort and spa in order the guest to use or as a meaningful and traditional presents. At the beginning of January 2018, the NALOD place order the purple brocade cinnamon slippers - one of Step Up's the most premium slippers for their guests and staff. This shows that the slippers are chosen not only for personal use, as gifts for the loved ones but also for enhancing the image and service for the company/ hotel/ spa/ salon. The premium slippers will bring a new and luxury image while improving the professional performance and service quality to the guests in the near future. MiSTEP cinnamon slippers are always improved and developed both in design and quality to bring the satisfaction and trust of our partners and customers in domestic and international. For any inquiries, Please contact us at or Hotline: +84.902.913.286
Step Up cung cấp dép đi trong nhà mẫu cho Dự án Mizuki Park, công ty Okamura Tokyo
Step Up supplies indoor slippers for the Mizuki Park Project for Okamura Tokyo Ltd.
Step Up has always been trusted and chosen to provide indoor slippers for condos of real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City the whole time. In the beginning of December, Step Up is pleased to be selected as a supplier of indoor slippers for the Mizuki Park condos in Binh Chanh district for OKAMURA TOKYO LTD. Step Up believes that with simple and elegant design will bring good impression for condos as well as service quality when customers visit at Mizuki Park Project and the other real estate projects. We always improve our products and services to meet our customer's demand not only for local but also for exporting. Step Up believe that our sedge slipper and cinnamon slipper will be spreading faster and wider in the domestic as well as international market. Contact us at Holine for further inquiries: +84.902.913.286 or email:


Customer feedback

I have cracked heels for many years. When I use Step Up cinnamon sedge slippers, I have no cracked heels. Moreover, cold symptoms of the soles of the feet after birth also significantly reduced. In the supermaket, there are many cinnamon slippers being cheaper than Step Up's slippers. However, their quality are worse than Step Up slippers. I have wearing Step Up cinnamon slippers for months, they are good. Thank Step Up.

Ms. Sarah Nguyen (HCMC)

Step Up Cinnamon Sedge Slipper is good. The meaning gift gives to international friends.

Mr. Chau Chi Hung (HCMC)

Cinnamon slippers have quality and pretty design.

Ms. Kim Quyen (HCMC)

Step Up cinnamon slippers are comfortable and healthy. Thank you

Ms. Vong Hong Tuye (HCMC)

Cinnamon sedge slippers are very comfortable. I love them. I bought 8 pairs of Step Up slippers. Support you!

Ms. Sandy Tram Pham (HCMC)


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